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As your Postpartum Doula, it is my desire to provide non-judgmental and encouraging support to you and each member of your family. During my visits I offer:

  • Suggestions for the whole family to bond with the newborn, including for the birth parent, non-birth parent, adoptive families and surrogate-assisted families.

  • Support of existing family routines

  • Help with newborn care

  • Breastfeeding or bottle feeding support

  • Compassion and encouragement

  • A listening ear to process your birth story and postpartum experience

  • Sleep suggestions for baby and family

  • Help creating a recovery nest for birth parent

  • Nurturing support for all, including those with prolonged birth recovery

  • Accompaniment to doctors appointments if needed (helpful with multiples)

  • Care for older children in the home

  • Errand running to grocery store or pharmacy

  • Light household tasks

  • Laundry

  • Meal and snack prep

  • Help with the family pet (feeding and walking if needed)

  • Community referrals

  • Rest and naps for birth parent

  • Space for self care for birth parent

  • One on one time for parents and older sibling(s).

I do not give medical advice and will refer to other specialists when necessary.

Postpartum Support: Services
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