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Having Heidi help our family a week after our little one was born was such a blessing. Heidi's caring nature and assertiveness with our needs brought so much relief and comfort to me. Our little one had elevated levels of jaundice and lived in a light box for 19 days. Heidi helped settle him into his light therapy box which allowed me to rest. She was also interactive with our older child by reading to her, giving her activities to do and showing her that extra attention she needed during the adjustment of a new sibling.  Heidi also prepared healthy meals for our family and bone broth for me. She was emotional support for me and was so encouraging.  She offered different suggestions that helped address the needs of my little one and settle him.  Heidi also helped with household tasks like laundry and dishes, and running errands for me. I didn't have to tell her as she just saw what was needed around the house and took care of our needs.  Our family was so thankful that we had Heidi's help for a week and wished that it would have been longer. She loves babies and helping families and she is a wealth of information! I will hire Heidi again if we have another child.

Christi M

We recently had our first baby and I knew we were going to need some extra help at home after our baby was born. Our families do not live near by, and we were being extra cautious because of COVID, plus we were trying to finish a home remodel. Heidi was such a huge help to us during all of her visits. She made sure I was eating well and had great suggestions for specific foods to eat that would help my milk come in. She also watched me breastfeed and gave really helpful tips for positioning and how to check for a good latch. Heidi even gave some great advice to my husband too about how to help out, which ended up being really great for all of us! In addition, she was great at assessing what our needs were in the moment and being proactive to help where we needed it most! Even if it was to simply hold our baby so my husband could get some things done and I could take a couple of much needed naps! Her help made a huge difference for us, and really helped my husband and I settle into our new life as parents!

Carleigh F

Heidi offered such a gentle and calm approach to teaching and responding to our needs.  She provided alternative strategies to tasks you take for granted (ie: burping, she taught us the wonky windy which we use regularly now!), and there was so much value in being able to just talk through challenges, victories, and the emotional highs and lows of early parenthood.  I know I am capable of doing the task-oriented things she helped with by six weeks postpartum, but it would've taken far longer and I felt so supported and cared for by having her notice rather than having to manage.  She was more supportive than I felt even my own family was, because I didn't have to ask for the help, she would volunteer.  Nothing made me feel as supported as how she would first ask when she arrived, "When did you last eat?  When did you last sleep?" because the other very few visitors we had were excited about the baby (not that I'm not happy that they are excited about this!) but I felt a bit forgotten as the mother.  Heidi made me feel seen and loved.  I also appreciated that one time when I woke from a nap, I heard her talking to Logan so sweetly during a time when he can have little to no exposure to others.  I could trust Heidi both with general care and in the way she was so conscientious of protecting us from outside "germs."

Katie B

Heidi provided us amazing post-partum doula care after I had my 3rd baby. I had never had a post-partum doula before, but with limited help from family and a partner with limited time off, Heidi came to the rescue. She assisted with household cleaning like laundry, dishes, and also helping entertain and involve my 2-year-old. It was so helpful to have guaranteed time to rest, knowing that all the things I normally would be doing were taken care of. She has an amazing, calm demeanor and my children loved to spend time with her. She is an excellent resource during that important time after baby is born and I would highly recommend her. 

Leah Y

We were a bit skeptical at first about hiring a postpartum doula but knew that we would need help during the first postpartum weeks as we already have a 3-year-old toddler at home, so decided to give it a try. So glad we did! When we first interviewed Heidi, we immediately noticed her very calm demeanor yet thoughtful and proactive approach to her job. At first, we had a bit of a struggle deciding on the tasks to delegate to Heidi and she helped us figure that out by asking the right questions or just simply doing things. Heidi has never been idle in our home - she would utilize every minute of her presence by helping us even if it was just taking the baby off my hands or being a good listener. We were impressed by how many things Heidi would do and how helpful it was: she helped us plan meals for the week and shared some great recipes with us based on our dietary preferences, cooked us delicious dinners based on those recipes or the recipes we would provide to her, cleaned up after dinners, helped taking care of the baby (changed diapers, held, entertained and rocked her to sleep), played with our toddler and read books to him (our son loves Heidi), folded laundry, collected trash throughout the house, made me overnight oats for breakfast, etc. We were even able to run a quick errand one day when Heidi was with the kids at home. She also gave me some useful breastfeeding tips that she learned in her breastfeeding classes. Heidi is very resourceful and was always trying to help me with my postpartum problems either sharing her knowledge or reaching out to her doula community for advice. She would also check in and follow up with me on things in between visits which was very thoughtful and kind. Thanks to Heidi, my husband and I were able to spend more quality time with our kids as well as relax a bit or get some other things done that would otherwise be hard to do. We can’t sing enough praises to Heidi and would hire her again. Highly recommend!

Yulia B

Honestly I can't say enough good things! I take the best naps when she is at our house because I know everything is under control. Heidi is very intuitive and insightful - she frequently offers to do things we don’t even know we need yet. She has a lovely clear and concise communication style and is very knowledgeable and hardworking. Our toddler Immediately took to her and she was always calm and collected even in the face of my super-fussy baby. 

Marie Q

We hired Heidi to help out in the evenings when our twins were two months old and their big brother was two and a half. We had been relying on family help with the babies up until that point, but had a gap in coverage and were panicking about how we were going to make it through dinner, toddler bedtime and baby witching hour with just the two of us parents. Heidi seriously saved our sanity! We came to count the hours until she would arrive. She always seemed to have good intuition about how she could be most useful, whether that was keeping our toddler busy so I could nurse in peace or do the cooking, helping get the babies to sleep while I was occupied with getting the toddler to bed, or helping with dishes and laundry in the rare quiet moments. She seemed to fit seamlessly into our complicated evening routine, and made everything feel a little less desperately hard during this very difficult time. I wish we could have afforded to hire her for longer!

Brook P

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